Effective Console Operations

For most operators, making a successful transition from the field to the console requires more than just learning how to navigate the screens – it requires them to view both their role and operation of the process in new ways. Complex information has to be evaluated, decisions critical to safety and plant optimization have to be made, and operators in the field need direction. Our Console Operator Training Program is designed to help your people master the skills required to make that move. Plant Leadership Systems has long experience in training process plant operators and supervisors in troubleshooting, process control, and abnormal situation management, using generic simulation as a training tool. We believe that operators learn best by hands-on practice of necessary skills and our workshops combine instructor-led tasks with substantial practice on the Simtronics DSS-100. Our sessions are both practical and engaging. Effective Console Operations is the first workshop in our new Console Operator Training Program. It provides new and incumbent console operators with a solid foundation in the technical, business, and people skills required for success.

effective console operations WILL TEACH PARTICIPANTS HOW TO:

  • Understanding of the critical role of the console operator in plant operations
  • Training in how to manage console operations to ensure that process safety and environmental regulatory requirements are met
  • Skills needed to effectively communicate and serve as the focal point for technical operation of the process
  • Practical approaches to handling the challenges associated with leading and influencing the shift team without formal authority
  • Practice in solving practical problems faced by a console operator in a supportive learning environment


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This is a MUST class for anyone working a console (and) in the beginning stages of training.

D. Montgomery
Flint Hills Resources