Managing Conflict

Process plants with a positive, team-oriented atmosphere perform best, but the nature of the work and the pressure to perform often create an environment where a certain amount of conflict is inevitable. Effective leaders recognize conflict or the potential for conflict, prevent it when possible, and manage it effectively when it can't be avoided.

This workshop introduces skills that are critical to managing conflict, whatever the source. Participants gain an understanding of common sources of conflict in a plant environment and learn a practical method for conflict resolution and tips for handling difficult cases. In addition, they are taught to manage the emotional content of conflict situations.

Key takeaways of Managing Conflict include

  • An understanding of typical sources of conflict and how to act to avoid or mitigate them when possible
  • How to assess conflict situations in the plant and then apply a practical method for conflict resolution, including knowing when to get help
  • Coaching points to verify mastery of these skills and support their continued use

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