Process Risk Analysis

For process plants, risk has recently evolved into a critical component of business operations. In the past 20 years, plants in the process industries have integrated Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) and Management of Change (MOC) techniques into their operations and engineering projects. In addition, insurance providers occasionally require a review of the risks of business interruptions. Because the broader area of risk analysis and management is not yet a routine part of plant operation, some process plants are finding a gap in knowledge: plant leaders know they need to manage risk and use relevant risk information to drive better decisions, but they lack the skills to do that.

Process Risk Analysis is a workshop that's designed to teach established risk management techniques and methodologies to engineers, front-line supervisors, and process plant operations managers. Participants learn skills that will help them prioritize risks to the plant's processes, product quality, and productivity, enabling them to make better-informed decisions. Plant leaders and managers can use these tools to identify which risks need attention and then apply methodologies that lead to a consistent response.

Key takeaways of Process Risk Analysis include

  • Understanding the language of risk management
  • Methodology that can be used to evaluate risk in any process
  • Practical experience with identifying and reviewing operational and business risks
  • Familiarity with risk management tools for use in evaluating the probability and impact of risk
  • Ideas and processes that can be integrated into the plant planning cycle

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