To guarantee that you get exactly what you need to succeed, Plant Leadership Systems partners with a number of other firms and organizations that support the process industry. If you need a skill set that we don't have, we can help you find someone who does.

Plant Leadership Systems affiliates include:


A world leader in the development of innovative operator training simulators (OTS), Simtronics caters to the process industries and the educational institutions that support them.

Production Excellence, Inc.

Led by industry pioneer Jack A. Pankoff Sr., Production Excellence, Inc. is an international management consulting and executive development company that offers the popular seminar, "A Systems Approach for Your Plant to Thrive in Any Economic Climate."

Round-the-Clock Systems

An organizational change agent for the 24/7 economy, Round-the-Clock Systems helps plants understand and manage the impact of shift work.

The University of Trinidad and ToBabo

A leading university with a full range of programs and degrees, UTT is also dedicated to training the workforce in the process industries.

We are also a member of the following organizations:

The Energy Chamber of Trinidad and TobagO

The Energy Chamber is the representative organization for the Trinidad and Tobago energy sector, a world class hub of dynamic energy and heavy industrial sectors.

North American Process Technology Alliance

A national alliance made up of industry representatives and education providers who are responsible for developing, improving, and maintaining the standardized Process Technology (PTEC) curriculum.

The Association of chemical industry of texas 

A strong voice for the chemical industry, ACIT is dedicated to the enonomic health of the Texas chemical industry and represents a variety of chemical manufacturers and suppliers since its founding in 1983.

Louisiana Chemical Industry Alliance 

LCIA is a partnership between plants and suppliers, representing more than 600 members with thousands of employees from Louisiana's petrochemical industry and related businesses.